Council Business

In this section of our website you can find the core items that describe the way the parish council operates.   The Parish Council is an elected body in the first (lowest) tier of local government.  The Council is granted powers, and is subject to regulation, by Parliament.  We raise money through taxation (the Precept).  It is our responsibility to ensure that money is spent within our powers, and to serve the interests of the Parish and improve the quality of life and the local environment whenever possible.

Agendas and Minutes

We publish agendas and minutes for all of our meetings.  The agendas for our public meetings are normally online five days before the event.  The minutes appear in draft form as soon as possible after the meeting, and then in final form when they have been formally approved as an accurate record, at the next meeting.


In the finances section, we publish our annual budget and track performance against it.  We also publish our previous years accounts for information.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are the written rules of the Parish Council.  They are used to confirm how the council is organised, what our administrative and procurement procedures are, and how meetings are conducted.  The meetings and activities of councils are governed by many statutory requirements.  The Council uses Standing Orders to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements.


Policies work alongside Standing Orders.  Standing orders are the rules and they reflect legal requirements.  Policies are a statement of how The Council will act in certain specific areas.  For example The Council could process data in many ways and remain within the law, our Data Protection Policy states specifically how we will deal with our obligations and states things that, even though we might not be required to do, we will do, because we believe that it is more appropriate, safer or better practice.