Latest Reports

We publish the statutory documents at the end of each financial period to demonstrate that business has been conducted in an appropriate manner.

2021-2022 Financial Period Reports

Notice of the Exercise of Public Rights 2021-22.pdf

Annual Internal Audit Report 2021-22.pdf

Internal Audit Report 2021-2022.pdf

Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2021-2022.pdf

Appendix to Section 1 - Annual Governance Statement 2021_22.pdf

Section 2 - Accounting Statements 2021-2022.pdf

Bank Reconciliation Q4 Year End 2021.2022.pdf

AGAR 2021-2022 Certificate of Exemption.pdf

2020 – 2021 Audit Reports

AGAR Certificate of Exemption 2020.2021.pdf

Annual Governance Statement 2020.2021.pdf

Current Account Bank Reconciliation March 2021.pdf

Annual Accounting statement 2020.2021.pdf

Explanation of Variances 2020.2021.pdf

Pitton & Farley PC Internal Audit Report 2020.2021.pdf

Notice of public rights.pdf

Summary of Public Rights 2020.2021.pdf

2019 – 2020 Financial Period Reports

Asset Register 2019.2020.pdf

Bank Rec Q4 end March 2019.2020.pdf

Exemption Cert 2019.2020 signed.pdf

Explanation of Variances 2019.2020.pdf

Internal Audit report (long) 2019-20.pdf

Internal Audit report short 2019.2020 signed.pdf

Sec 1 Annual Gov Stmt 2019.2020 signed.pdf

Sec 2 Accounting Stmt 2019.2020 signed.pdf

Notice of Public Rights 2019.2020.pdf

Summary of Public Rights p1.pdf

Summary of Public Rights p2.pdf

2018 – 2019 Financial Period Reports

Our summary reports for the 2018/19 financial period are included below.









20190630_Summary of Public Rights_P1.pdf

20190630_Summary of Public Rights_P2.pdf