Policies are statements of how the Council will act in specific areas.  They govern the ways in which the Council will meet regulations, the ways we will act and the ways in which we will manage risk.   We regularly review policy to ensure that it is current and relevant.

Copies of our current policies are provided through the links below.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out behavioural standards and obligations for members of the Parish Council.


Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure covers how you can go about making a complaint if you are dissatisfied with the behaviour, action or inaction of any member of the parish Council.


Data Protection Policy

The Protection Policy explains how we use any data that we hold as well as how we secure it to ensure that it is used only for the intended purposes.


Data Retention Policy

We are required to retain certain documents for specific periods.  Other documents we are required to dispose of following their use.  The Data Retention Policy and the associated Appendix, sets out how we identify when to dispose of a document.



Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations govern the conduct of all financial transactions by the Council and the individual members.

Financial Regulations

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy sets out how we keep information secure and accurate.


Internal Control Policy

The Internal Control Policy sets out how we manage the day to day operations of the Council.  It explains our practices, procedures and reporting.


Press and Media Policy

The Press and Media Policy explains how members interact with the press, what their roles and responsibilities are, and the day to day relationship between the Council and the media.


Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice explains what data we collect and what we do with it.

Privacy Notice

Published Information Guide

The Published Information Guide explains how you can access the various documents and artefacts that the Council publishes.


Transparency Code info for Smaller Authorities for 2019.2020.pdf