November Updates


At the November meeting, our Neighbourhood PC Pete Jung gave a report. There had been instances of ball bearing attacks and break ins of out buildings locally. Recent criminal activity has taken place at all times of the day and night. Residents are asked to be extra vigilant and ensure out buildings are securely locked at all times. Any incidents can be reported to:

In the New Year the re-wilding project at The Close, Pitton will be revisited. The Parish Council will be inviting members of the Community to share their ideas and suggestions and contribute their time once the plans are finalised. If you would like to get involved in the next round of discussions, please email the clerk.

Wiltshire Council is developing various initiatives during the rising cost of living crisis, including a ‘warm spaces’ scheme This includes an interactive map that will appear on the Wiltshire Council website to enable residents to easily identify local, warm and welcoming spaces where they can go over the winter. For more information, please visit the web address below:


Dates of next meetings:

Wednesday 7th December 2022 – Farley Village Hall – 7.30pm

Wednesday 25th January 2023 – Pitton Village Hall – 7.30pm

Wednesday 22nd February 2023 – Farley Village Hall – 7.30pm

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 – Pitton Village Hall – 7.30pm


The Silver Plough

To residents of Pitton and Farley,

Pitton and Farley Parish Council has been made aware of a potential change to the ownership of the Silver Plough public house in Pitton. Many residents have contacted us to raise their concerns and make suggestions for this much-loved amenity to remain in the village, including listing it as an Asset of Community value (ACV)

We are in the process of confirming the current situation and will add this matter to the agenda of our forthcoming Parish Council meeting, which is taking place on Wednesday 7th December, from 19.30 at Farley Village Hall.

Residents are invited to attend to hear the discussion and take part in the public session at the beginning of the meeting. Alternatively, you may email the clerk at the address below with your thoughts and concerns.  The outcome of any discussions will be published in the meeting minutes which will be available the week following the meeting.


Thank you