Update – Speeding through Pitton & Farley

Pitton and Farley Parish Council is committed to reducing the risk to residents, visitors and other roads users from speeding traffic through the two villages and is working closely with Wiltshire Police and Wiltshire Council.

Following the residents survey and public meeting in July 2022 significant progress has been made as detailed below.

Following traffic surveys carried out on Parsonage Hill, Farley, which identified speeding issues, it is anticipated that Community Speed Watch (CSW) Volunteers from Pitton and Farley will be deployed to monitor vehicles in that location, using speeding devices, from April 2023. The data will be shared with Wiltshire Police for necessary action as appropriate.

A recent traffic survey has been carried out in Whiteway, Pitton, which has also identified vehicles speeding through the area near the school. As a result of this the CSW will also be deployed at this location once approved by Wiltshire Police.

Further traffic surveys are being carried out at other locations in Farley and Pitton over the coming weeks, and if the data identifies speeding at these locations the CSW will also be deployed there.

The results of the speed surveys can be seen in the attached documents.

038-005 - C321 White Hill, Pitton SUMMARY.pdf

038-006 - C321 Whiteway, Pitton SUMMARY.pdf

Community Speed Watch Criteria for intervention.pdf